Camellia oleifera fruit hung on the tree tops, and the harvest was full of joy

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Update time : 2021-10-28 14:35:47

In October of golden autumn, it is the harvest season again. At  Hunan Yamei organic Camellia oleifera planting base, the Camellia oleifera trees all over the mountains are full of round and full fruits, which is very gratifying. The staffs are busy picking the camellia seeds by hand.  Our planting base didn't need any medication, chemical fertilizer, without any addition of chemical harmful substances,  the seeds are picked by hand. Yamei adopts bath like low-temperature physical cold pressing process, refuse chemical leaching process, without any addition to ensure organic qualified oil. It makes our top brand "Dakseed®" camellia oil. google-site-verification=-i6IVHXPOfoCzQ7dOgodU7GeGSaOR22WgbfvO6C6q_8