Yamei camellia oil introduces full-automatic intelligent camellia fruit dryer and runs at full production horsepower.

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Update time : 2021-11-04 14:16:34

        Autumn October is big harvest season for Camellia oleifera fruit this year. The Camellia oleifera base of Hunan Yamei Camellia Oil Co., Ltd. welcomes the bumper harvest.
        Yamei Camellia introduced a fully automatic intelligent camellia fruit dryer. It operates 24 hours, and each process is towards the completion of the most ideal results. Solve the pain of relying on heaven for camellia farmers (recently, camellia seeds are abundant and sold at a low price. In addition to the low oil yield of camellia seeds this year, they will mildew if they are not sold as soon as possible). The intelligent camellia fruit dryer operates 24 hours and processes 30 bags of camellias fruits per hour, about 100 kg per bag. The daily shelling is about 30 tons.
        The Ministry of Commerce encourages families to reserve daily necessities, which has become a hot spot today. Keep grain and oil at home and don't panic. The hot spot of Camellia oleifera industry is the recent camellia seed "high yield but no harvest, high yield but no value-added". Yamei attended yesterday's (November 2, 2021) chairman's meeting of the provincial oil camellia association. The corresponding government and association called for stabilizing the purchase price of camellia seeds and giving full play to the leading role of leading enterprises in the industry.

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