Terms & Privacy Policy

We at Hunan Yamei value your privacy and ensure that appropriate measures to protect your data are in place and reflected in every process where your personal data is involved. Such measures are implemented through our information security management system and privacy policies established in accordance with the principles of proportionality, transparency, and legitimacy of purpose.

The Privacy Policy explains:

1. What information are collected by the website (also referred to as the “Site”) and how these information will be collected

2. How your personal data will be used, disclosed, shared, retained and disposed

3. How to view, change, remove or withdraw personal data, and all that involves in exercising your rights under the law as subject of these data

1. Personal data collected
2. Use, Disclosure, Storage, and Retention
3. Know your rights
4. How to exercise your rights
5. Updates & revisions
6. Acceptance to these terms
7. Contact information
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