OEM advantages
OEM/ODM Advantages                                   

Strength: Our company is a integrated nutritional edible oil manufacturer integrating planting, scientific research and production. Headquarter is located in Zhuzhou, Hunan Province, with a registered capital of 10 million, it has built a high scientific standardized plant and a huge Camellia oil base and flax base. It has become a large-scale nutritional edible oil manufacturer in Central China.

Authentication: Our company has strictly passed the organic product certification ,ISO9001 and 2015 international quality system certificationISO22000 food safety management system certification, export food production enterprise Filing Certificate. Our own brand "Dakseed" won the gold medal of the 16th China International Agricultural Products Fair, the Gold medal of agricultural products in Central China (Hunan) Agricultural Expo, China Top 10 famous brands camellia oil. The sales branches cover all major provinces and cities in China.

Production capacity: We have three international production lines. It has become a large-scale nutritional edible oil manufacturer with more than three production lines in Central China, with a daily production capacity of  280,000 bottles.

Production technology advantages: Adopt bath like low-temperature physical cold pressing process, refuse chemical leaching process, without any addition, and create domestic excellent quality

Quality control :We have a huge production base built by ourselves. Do not need any medication, chemical fertilizer, without any addition of chemical harmful substances, and control the quality from the source to ensure consumers' dining health.

Service advantages: Not only provide products with high quality price ratio, but also support product sales solutions and after-sales service system. Specially assigned personnel shall be trained in product design, market planning, product sales and other aspects. Take perfect service as intangible value and strive to create maximum value for customers.

Delivery advantages: As the logistics hub in Central China, Changsha has all kinds of special lines directly distributed  to all parts of the country, which greatly shortens the logistics time. Its superior geographical location makes us less vulnerable to freezing and other weather factors in the peak sales season. The company strives to provide worry free services such as receiving orders and delivering on the same day, logistics transportation damage and loss of goods shall be borne by our company.

Insurance underwriting: Hunan Yamei Camellia oil group Co., Ltd. has been favored by many well-known domestic enterprises such as Zhenao group, Guangzhou centennial world company and Nanjing Yikun with excellent quality and good service; Since its establishment, the company has provided production processing services for hundreds of enterprises. It is a well-known OEM manufacturer of nutritional edible oil in China. All products are underwritten by PICC.

R & D
To support our production and operation, we have an R&D laboratory where the tasks of innovation management, such as basic research, technology development, concept development, new product development, process development,  and become prototyping, formulation and customer specification analysis is performed. The laboratory utilizes several high standard equipment such as HPLC, GC and Microanalysis equipment.

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