Corporate mission
To produce and provide high quality extracts to loyal customers by applying technology innovation and maintaining customer’s satisfaction.
Enterprise vision
To become a leading company in producing and supplying natural botanical extract for cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical and wellness by bringing maximum value to all stakeholders.
Core values

Adhering to the concept of integrity,cohesion of team vitality,practice the health mission,achievement of excellence
With a heart of perseverance and love to life health, Yamei creatures always adhere to the"nature and humanity"development philosophy,is committed to using natural plant edible oil to improve human health level,in the"adhering to the concept of good faith,condenses the team vitality,practicing health mission, Yamei" remarkable achievements of enterprise core values,under the guidance of sustainable development,the core enterprise in the industry in natural plant extraction .
The core values of the company are derived from the corporate logo,the corporate style,the corporate spirit,the corporate vision and the corporate mission.They are the core of the enterprise culture and the fundamental starting point and foothold of the enterprise culture.

Enterprise style

Competition, cohesion, vitality, trust, achievement, responsibility
The enterprise ethics
Customers first, employees second, shareholders third and society fourth.
The spirit of enterprise
Honest person, diligent work, sincere unity, hard work and innovation.
Marketing culture
Careful management, increase return visit, professional service, customer first. google-site-verification=-i6IVHXPOfoCzQ7dOgodU7GeGSaOR22WgbfvO6C6q_8