Professor Yuan give technology guidance

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Update time : 2021-09-30 16:44:42

Professor Yuan, Chinese famous authoritative expert of Camellia oleifera from Central South Academy of forestry, our cooperative technology expert, was invited to Yamei Camellia Oil Company  on 26th, Sep, 2021 to give us technology guide on camellia oleifera plantation and management.

      As soon as Professor Yuan arrived at the company's organic ecological Camellia oleifera base, Professor Yuan explained the requirements of Camellia oleifera on soil quality, cultivation and daily management in details to the persons in charge of the base in the base office. Subsequently, Professor Yuan and his party came to the Camellia oleifera forest for on-site guidance google-site-verification=-i6IVHXPOfoCzQ7dOgodU7GeGSaOR22WgbfvO6C6q_8