Why is the camellia oil expensive?

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Update time : 2023-11-28 17:26:11
1. Low oil output rate
The oil output rate of camellia oil is usually only about 20%, and the oil output rate is relatively low. This is the main reason for its expensive price. It requires multiple processes to refine oil. Its nutritional value and unique flavor are irreplaceable of.
2. High labor cost, hard picking
Camellia oleifera trees grow in mountainous areas. It is very difficult and hard to pick artificial picking. There may be various dangers during the picking process. It is also necessary to consider weather factors, such as strong winds, slippery rainy roads, etc., and the risk and difficulty of picking and difficulty are greater.

3. Complex procedures,  cost time
Camellia oil has not been artificially intervened and grows in the natural environment. Squeezing mountain tea oil needs to be processed for a long time and through multiple processes. The picked camellia fruit needs to be dried, broken, and washed, and then fermented and squeezed.

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