2024 Camellia Industry Prospects Forecast

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Update time : 2023-12-01 16:15:38
What is the outlook for the camellia industry? How big is the future development opportunities of the camellia market? The latest scheduling of the State Forestry Bureau shows that as of mid -November, this year, the new planting of 4.7365 million acres of camellia oleifera and 4.636 million acres of low -yield forest transformation has been completed, accounting for 85.92%of the three -year action plan for the three years of accelerated the development of the Camellia industry, respectively. 111.04%, the quality of the seedling inspection of seedlings reached 100%, and achieved a good start to accelerate the development of the Camellia industry for three years.
    In recent years, the Central Finance has incorporated the low -efficiency forest transformation of camellia oleifera into the scope of support. Effect forest transformation and management.With the support and encouragement of national policies, China camellia oleifera planting area is increasing year by year.

Camellia is a unique wood oil tree species in China. It has more than 2,300 years of cultivation and utilization history. Camellia oil fatty acid structure is reasonable, unsaturated fatty acid content is as high as 90%, oleic acid content is more than 80%, and linoleic acid content reaches 7-13%. Essence According to the National Forestry and Grassland Bureau's planning of the camellia oil industry, by 2025, the area of ​​camellia oleifera planting in China will reach 90 million acres.
     The category industry is a fruitful period of "high investment, high output, and extremely long income period" for 50 to 100 years. It takes 5 to 8 years from planting to fruiting period, which is a long process of harvest returns. which is a long process of harvest returns. There are many small workshops, small workshops are small, mostly staying in the primary processing stage, and low deep processing capacity.  Relevant sources have suggested that to accelerate the development of high -yield, high oil, and high -resistance "new generation" new varieties, strengthen scientific research and technology research and strive to make further breakthroughs in the development of high -quality new varieties, cultivation technology, processing technology, and new product research and development.
     Since 2011, the planting area of the country has increased from 51.84 million acres to 70 million mu, an increase of 35%, the production capacity of camellia oil has increased from more than 300,000 tons to 1 million tons, the output increased by 170%, the total output value increased from 24.5 billion yuan By 200 billion yuan, it has increased by nearly 7 times.

The "Three -year Action Plan for the Development of Camellia Industry" is clear that from 2023 to 2025, the number of new camellia oleifera planting in the country is 19.17 million acres, and the transformation of low -yielded camellia oleifera  forest is 12.759 million acres, ensuring that the national camellia planting area will reach more than 90 million acres by 2025. Standard camellia forest reaches more than 40 million acres, and camellia oil production capacity has reached 2 million tons.
     As of mid -November, there have been 4.7365 million acres of camellia oleifera and 4.636 million acres of low -yield forest transformation, accounting for 85.92%and 111.04%of the annual planning tasks of the three -year action plan. With 72,100 acres, the quality of the seedlings of seedlings reached 100%, and the three -year action plan was achieved.
     In 2024, the nationwide plans to arrange about 10 million acres of camellia oleifera production tasks, which is slightly higher than this year. The supply and demand of good cervical seedlings and seedlings is generally balanced, but there are structural contradictions such as areas and varieties. After two consecutive years of disasters and reduction, there is a good differentiation of camellia sprouts in various places this year. In 2024, camellia oleifera is expected to harvest.
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