Why is the camellia oil suitable for high -temperature stir -fry?

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Update time : 2023-11-23 17:18:42
Camellia oil, also known as camellia oleifera seed oil or camellia seed oil, is a plant oil made of camellia oleifera  as the raw material. It has a strong camellia aroma and unique flavor. It has a long history in traditional Chinese diet and is widely used in the field of cooking. Compared with other vegetable oil, camellia oil has many unique characteristics, making it an ideal choice for high -temperature stir -fried food.

Camellia oil has high smoke. Smoke points refer to the temperature of the oil began to smoke and produce the temperature of harmful substances. High -temperature cooking requires a higher cooking temperature, and low -smoke vegetable oils are prone to smoke and harmful substances at high temperature, which is harmful to human health. In contrast, the  smoke point of camellia oil can reach 230 degrees Celsius, which means that it can maintain stability at high temperatures, and it is not easy to produce harmful substances. It can better retain the nutrients of the ingredients when cooking.Choose the dakseed camellia oil, so that you can eat peace of mind, enjoy delicious and healthy cooking.

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