The 23rd Central China (Hunan) Agricultural Expo

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Update time : 2022-10-29 17:15:40

The upgraded camellia oil, linseed oil, walnut oil and other products of the  dakseed brand appeared at the 23rd Central China (Hunan) Agricultural Expo with many highlights.

Highlight 1: Hu Changchun, deputy secretary of the Zhuzhou Municipal Party Committee, and other leaders visited the Yamei booth.

Highlight 2: On behalf of Hunan Camellia Oil, Yamei made a live broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV Mango Cloud and Happy Shopping host Duan Hong. More than 200,000 viewers online. On-site Hunan cuisine master Xu Rong used the original fragrant tea oil of the Dakang era to make famous dishes such as stir-fried beef, and praised that our tea oil was more fragrant and fresh.

Highlight 3: Yamei Camellia Oil Co., Ltd. was interviewed by Changsha News Channel on behalf of Modern Agriculture, and elaborated on how Yamei Industry 4.0 Camellia Smart Industrial Park uses technology to add wings to the Camellia industry and expand product capacity and efficiency. , to ensure quality and nutritional safety.

Highlight 4: The newly launched original fragrant small squeeze series, which is nutritious and delicious, won the unanimous praise and  rush of customers at the exhibition site. google-site-verification=-i6IVHXPOfoCzQ7dOgodU7GeGSaOR22WgbfvO6C6q_8